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As a research group, we are dedicated to studying the impacts of human activities in the coastal zone and at sea. Our research focuses on understanding the ecological implications of offshore wind farms and noise pollution. Our researchers analyze the effect of the physical presence of these structures, the underwater noise they generate, and the changes they induce in habitat structure on benthic communities and the ecosystem functions these perform. By assessing the direct and indirect effects of these anthropogenic stressors on benthic communities and their functioning, these impact studies provide valuable insights for sustainable marine management and conservation practices, aiming to minimize harmful impacts while balancing human activities with ecosystem preservation.


Tom Moens

Full Professor

Ulrike Braeckman

Assistant Professor

Steven Degraer

Visiting Professor

Carl Van Colen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Emil De Borger

Postdoctoral Researcher

Christelle Jammar

Research Assistant

Esther Cepeda Gamella

PhD Student

Nene Lefaible

PhD Student

Nanou Goedefroo

PhD Student

Samuel Hermant

PhD Student

Jasper Van Vlasselaer

PhD Student
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