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Ulrike Braeckman
Assistant Professor

Research interests:

  • Climate change
  • Human impacts
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Benthos
  • Sediments


Contact Info
UGent profile:
Personal page:
MSc, Biology, Ghent University (2005)
MSc, Marine and Lacustrine Sciences, Ghent University (2006)
PhD, Biology, Ghent University (2011)
Research Question
How are ecosystem services delivered by the ocean impacted by climate change and human activities?

I'm a marine ecologist intrigued by the effects of climate change and multiple anthropogenic stressor effects on marine ecosystem services, amongst others biodiversity, food provisioning, nutrient cycling and carbon sequestration. My study sites include Arctic and Antarctic shelf seas under rapid climate change, but also the heavily used North Sea (with effects of Offshore Windfarm developments in particular). I combine field sampling and in situ measurements with laboratory experiments and modelling to unravel carbon budgets in benthic food webs and shed light on the fate of carbon in marine ecosystems in future climate scenarios. My research is situated at the intersection of marine ecology and biogeochemistry.