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Our research group extends its investigations to polar systems, including Antarctica and Greenland. On board research vessels (e.g., RV Belgica, RV Australis), we sample the various compartments of the food web (biomass and stable isotope signatures) and perform sediment core incubations to measure carbon and nitrogen cycling processes. We relate these measurements to the abundance and biomass of micro-, meio- and macro-soft sediment fauna and their bioturbation activity. We specifically study food web structure, carbon flows in the food web and sediment carbon and nutrient cycling along gradients of glacial retreat and sea ice decline in polar benthic ecosystems.


Ann Vanreusel

Senior Full Professor

Ulrike Braeckman

Assistant Professor

Francesca Pasotti

Postdoctoral Researcher

Emil De Borger

Postdoctoral Researcher

Marius Buydens

PhD Student

Cathrin Wittig

PhD Student
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