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The Marine Biology Section Symposium - MBSS

The Marine Biology Research group is a diverse ecosystem of researchers who focus on a wide range of topics. As a result, it can sometimes be challenging to keep up with ongoing projects and the specific research that every scientist is working on in detail. 

In order to inform fellow colleagues about the advances occurring in our research group, an annual one-day symposium was instituted in 2003, providing a space for stimulating discussions and inspiring conversations.

Every year, we also invite an external expert and ask them to share their insights on their expertise. Moreover, we encourage Master's students who have the prospect of working in our group to join this informative event, exposing them to an array of future opportunities.

The annual picture taken during the symposium shows us how the face of MarBiol has changed through the years and how our dynamic group is constantly enriched by the presence of new scientists bringing their knowledge and originality.


Check out our gallery to have a look as well! Who knows, maybe you can recognize someone?