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Mission & Vision Statement


Marbiol Mission 

The Marine Biology research group at Ghent University is a research, knowledge and training centre that aims to foster fascination for the diversity of life that exists in our seas and oceans. Our innovative, state-of-the-art research is the onset of training the next generation of marine science professionals in an open-minded, friendly and stimulating environment. Emphasizing curiosity, novelty, and a scientific attitude is key to the development of performant and reliable professionals. Together, we expand our understanding of marine ecosystems, improve their management and conservation, and inform decision-makers and blue-economy stakeholders on their sustainable exploitation with full respect for biodiversity and ecosystem function. 


Marbiol Vision

We aim to consolidate our research group’s position as a nationally and internationally recognized institution/entity in marine science and education, focused on the biodiversity and functioning of (mainly benthic) ecosystems and how these are affected by anthropogenic stressors. Our work combines field research with experimentation and modelling. Our research is problem-solving- and curiosity-driven and addresses key questions in marine ecology. It aims to provide stakeholders (entrepreneurs, policymakers) with the information needed to promote the sustainable use, management and conservation of the world’s fascinating and biodiverse marine ecosystems. 

We support the training of MSc and PhD students as well as Lifelong Learning and upskilling through advanced and specialized training courses in an international environment fostering a scientific attitude and excellence. Our training offer reflects our state-of-the-art research at the local MarBiol facilities and its national and international network. We employ a combination of online and blended training delivery approaches including a strong emphasis on hands-on approaches that stimulate autonomous, critical thinking and problem-solving, suited to the 21st century workforce.  

Furthermore, MarBiol fosters national and international collaboration through its involvement in the European Marine Biological Resources Centre, where it plays a key role through its Marine Training Unit.