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Lifelong learning

Supporting and promoting lifelong learning

In a fast-evolving society, the need for continuous learning and upskilling became essential. The Marine Biology Research Group of UGent plays an active role in promoting and delivering Training and Education in Marine Sciences, both at academic level and Continuous Professional Development, to address the increasing need for knowledge and training in the marine and maritime sectors. This is attained through two main different tools/services.

Marine Training and Education Unit

The Marine Training Unit facilitates access to marine-related training opportunities and supports the education of the next generation of marine biologists and researchers, and is hosted by UGent as part of the EMBRC Belgium Node.

The Marine Training & Education Unit manages two essential and complementary digital platforms, the 2 of them forming the Marine Training & Education Portal: 

Whilst the first provides a comprehensive catalogue of training (and soon also internship) opportunities worldwide, including dedicated sub-catalogues based on projects or geographical scope, the e-Learning Platform provides the (digital) infrastructure/e-learning environment for hosting structured training resources and delivering online and blended training courses. Through its services, the Marine Training & Education Unit aims at addressing the (training) needs at several stakeholder levels, specifically:

  • Trainees in search of Ocean, Marine and Maritime training opportunities;
  • Trainers and Training providers in search of assistance for organising training initiatives (primarily European focused, but not exclusively);
  • Stakeholders in search of insights into Ocean, Marine and Maritime training initiatives, including sectoral training needs and trends (primarily European focused, but not exclusively);
  • Trainees in search of internship opportunities and stakeholders offering internship opportunities

The Marine Training Unit activities also include providing support to projects with a training component, besides providing tailored training for the EMBRC ERIC.

LifeLong Learning Ostend

The UGent Campus in Ostend (Bluebridge – Ostend Science Park) houses the center for Lifelong Learning in the marine and maritime sector, better known as "Lifelong Learning (LLL) Ostend". The Centre aims to coordinate and develop education and training initiatives with a strong link to our seas and oceans, involving educators from all possible marine and maritime UGent research groups. These can be organised as face-to-face, online or blended learning formats. LLL Ostend is the central contact point in UGent for national and international companies, public authorities and other institutions with training needs related to the seas and oceans. LLL Ostend not only offers existing training courses, but the team is also keen to develop tailor-made training courses to meet specific needs from the work field. 

One of our colleagues (Ellen Pape) serves as the coordinator of LLL Ostend. In this role, they facilitate a connection between LLL initiatives at the UGent Blue Economy campus in Ostend and the Marine Biology Research Group. This connection opens the door to potential synergies and collaborative opportunities.


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