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Emil De Borger
Postdoctoral Researcher

Research interests:

  •  Biogeochemistry
  • Food web ecology
  • Fishing impacts
  • Ecological modelling


Contact Info
UGent profile:
BSc, Biology, UAntwerp
MSc, Marine and Lacustrine science and management, VUB
PhD, Marine Sciences, Ghent University
Research Question
How will seafloor ecosystems change as a result of global pressures such as climate change, energy scarcity, or food provision?

As a post-doctoral researcher I am active in two projects where changes to coastal ecosystems are being studied as a result of melting of glacial and sea ice. TANGO is focused on the Antarctic, whereas CANOE is focused on fjord systems in Greenland. Another project I am active in is OUTFLOW, where we are looking at the effects of offshore wind farm operations on carbon cycling on local, and extended spatial scales.