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Samuel Hermant
PhD Student

Research interests:

  • Marine biogeochemistry
  • Climate change
  • Carbonate system
  • Macrofauna
Contact Info
MSc, Quantitative Marine Sciences, European Institute for Marine Studies, Brest, France (2023)
MSc, Functional, Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology, Rennes, France (2021)
Research Question
How does benthic fauna influence the generation of alkalinity in coastal sediments ?

My work focuses on the intricate links between benthic ecological processes, the marine carbonate system and climate change. I combine marine field campaigns, laboratory experiments in mesocosms and modelling approaches in order to answer how benthic fauna influence natural alkalinity generation in marine sediments. I work in close collaboration with the Department of Geobiology, University of Antwerp and RBINS, Brussels.

Prof. Ulrike Braeckman