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Nanou Goedefroo
PhD Student

Research interests:

  • Human impacts
  • Ecosystem functioning
  • Benthic ecology


Contact Info
BSc, Biology, Ghent University (2018)
MSc, International Master in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea), Ghent University (2020)
Research Question
Can we unravel the impact of sand extraction on the various aspects of benthic ecosystem functioning?

The goal of my PhD is to understand how sand extraction activities affect the functioning of the benthic ecosystem, with a special focus on the carbon and nitrogen cycles in the sediment and the carbon flows within the food webs. We hope to gain more knowledge on how these anthropogenic activities affect benthic food webs and sedimentary biogeochemical processes such as the mineralization of organic matter and nutrient recycling.

Prof. Ulrike Braeckman, Prof. Annelies De Backer, Prof. Tom Moens