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Lara Macheriotou
Postdoctoral Researcher, Academic Assistant

Research interests:

  • Deep-sea
  • High throughput sequencing
  • Population genetics


Contact Info
UGent profile:
BSc, Marine Biology, University of Oregon (2011)
MSc, International Master in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, Ghent University (EMBC) (2014)
PhD, Marine Sciences, Ghent University (2019)
Research Question
How can the biodiversity of deep-sea Nematodes be utilized as an indicator of the impacts of deep-sea mining?

I employ the method of metabarcoding, which is a DNA-based biodiversity assessment tool, to identify the assemblages of Nematodes in deep-sea environments. These data are used to determine changes in the community as a response to the impacts incurred by deep-sea mining.