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As a research group, we study the deep-sea benthos, exploring its ecology and associated anthropogenic impacts. By making use of advanced technologies, we uncover the secrets of the high biodiversity in these extreme ecosystems. Our investigations reveal the evolutionary relationships and adaptations of deep-sea organisms, while analyzing environmental factors that shape their distribution. We also address pressing topics such as deep-sea mining (manganese modules) and the use of benthos as biological indicators. Through our work, we strive to protect these fragile ecosystems, promote sustainable practices, and deepen our understanding of the deep-sea realm.


Ann Vanreusel

Senior Full Professor

Ellen Pape

Assistant Professor (10%)

Francesca Pasotti

Postdoctoral Researcher

Lara Macheriotou

Postdoctoral Researcher, Academic Assistant

Tania Nara Bezerra

Research Assistant

Nene Lefaible

PhD Student
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