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Nico Koedam
Visiting Professor

Research interests:

  • mangrove functional physiology
  • mangrove ecology
  • dispersal
  • biogeography
  • conservation (management)


Contact Info
PhD, Biology, Free University of Brussels VUB (1987)

Nico Koedam is an emeritus professor of the Faculty of Sciences and Bio-engineering Sciences at the Free University of Brussels VUB. Trained as a plant scientist (MSc and PhD) his initial doctoral and postdoctoral research in physio-ecology evolved to plant-microorganism interactions. When appointed in 1993 as the Head of the research group Plant Biology and Nature Management at the VUB, research was oriented and widened, with ‘mangrove ecology and physiology’ as an overarching theme.

Nico Koedam is an expert in mangrove functional physiology, mangrove ecology, dispersal, biogeography and conservation (management), including socio-ecological systems, mostly in East Africa and South and South-East Asia. Research under his guidance also targeted wetland migratory connectivity, with an emphasis on the EU and its nature conservation policy.