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Luana Monteiro
Coordinator of IMBRSea

Research interests:

  • Marine ecology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Benthic ecology
  • Animal behaviour
  • Meiofauna
  • Risk Assessment


Contact Info
UGent profile:
BSc, Oceanography, Universidade Federal do ParanĂ¡, Brazil, 2008
MSc, Nematology, Ghent University (2010)
PhD, Natural Sciences, Ghent University (2018)
Research Question
Nematodes as bio-indicators: how to further integrate the most abundant metazoans on the planet in Environmental policies?

Coordinator of IMBRSea - forming the future generation of marine scientists. 

I'm the academic and administrative coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus master IMBRSea - a joint programme of 11 top-leading universities in marine-biological sciences, with UGent as central coordinator. Besides, I conduct research and supervise students on scientific projects mostly related to ecotoxicology (e.g. oil and metals effects), risk assessment, benthic biology and ecology, and nematodes as bioindicators of environmental quality.