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Iene Herman
PhD Student

Research interests:

  • Epigenetics
  • Fatty acids
  • Climate change


Contact Info
BSc, Biomedical Laboratory Techniques (2019)
MSc, Biology (2022)
Research Question
What are the effects of ocean acidification on fatty acid and epigenetic profiles of benthic copepods?

My project studies the effects of global change on marine copepods. It focusses on the fatty acids profiles, as a proxy for food quality, under short- and long-term scenarios of global change. Long-term exposure to global change stressors may lead to multigenerational effects and transgenerational plasticity through interactions between the fatty acid metabolism and DNA methylation. The project aims to unravel these potential links and improve our understanding of the interactions between fatty acids, DNA methylation and global change.

Prof. Jana Asselman, Prof. Marleen De Troch