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Francesca Pasotti
Postdoctoral Researcher

Research interests:

  • Benthic ecology
  • Antarctic
  • Deep-sea
  • Food webs
  • Biodiversity


Contact Info
UGent profile:
BSc, Marine Biology, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy (2004)
MSc, Marine Biology, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy (2008)
PhD, Marine Sciences, Ghent University (2015)
Research Question
How the potential onset of deep-sea mining in the Pacific Ocean can affect the biodiversity and functioning of deep-sea manganese nodule benthic communities and how can science inform industry to limit its impacts? How are the shallow benthic communities

My research focuses on two extreme ecosystems: the deep-sea manganese nodule fields in the Pacific Ocean and the shallow-water Antarctic. I am interested in the ecosystem functioning and the biodiversity patterns of benthic assemblages in the context of climate change and human impacts, such as the potential development of a deep-sea mining industry. I have knowledge of ecology, biodiversity, food-web ecology, genomics and (meta)barcoding. I am involved in academic capacity building in Cambodia and foster collaboration within East Asia. I am also an Advanced Belgian Scientific Diver (certified by BELSPO) with experience in both the North Sea and Antarctica.