Robyn Sahota

The PhD research of Robyn Sahota aims to investigate the effects of oceanic warming on the distribution ranges and subsequent fatty acid and genetic stress response in planktonic copepods, as important primary consumers at the basis of the food web. By analyzing the molecular mechanisms driving the adaptation strategies of Calanus spp. C. finmarchicus and C. helgolandicus, whose ratio is known to be a thermo-climatic indicator, we will provide insight on their energy allocation and gene regulation by means of lipid fractionation and qPCR analysis. Robyn holds a BSc (honours) degree in Biology from the University of Victoria (Canada), and an International MSc in Global Ocean Change (IMBRSea). In her MSc thesis she monitored fatty acid bioconversion along a temperature gradient using compound-specific stable isotope analysis, comparing the calanoid Temora longicornis, and the harpacticoid Platychelipus littorals.