Review on Fatty Acids

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Two Marbiol researchers, Dr. Iván Loaiza Alamo and Prof. Dr. Marleen De Troch, contributed to a review that emerges from the technical workshops held during the international conference Lipids in the oceans (Brest, France, November 2018), in which they present the current state of knowledge of methods dedicated to both marine and freshwater lipid analyses, from sampling to data treatment.

The review gives an overview of our current knowledge on how to extract fatty acids, methylate and separate them in order to make the fatty acid profiles of aquatic invertebrates and their potential food sources. Practical questions are addressed that are not formulated in papers and textbooks, but that are essential to obtain reliable fatty acid profiles.

The paper provides recommendations for best practices in field situations, and advocate for protocol standardization and inter-laboratory calibration.

The review paper was selected as the Editor’s Choice article from the ICES Journal of Marine Science and is now available