EOS Summer Special

Friday, July 10, 2020

Since many people are unlikely to travel far this summer due to the covid19-outbreak, this summer’s EOS Wetenschap special is about our Belgian nature.

Various experts unveil hidden gems and extraordinary areas and areas where you can go on ‘safari’ close to home.

Also dr. Pieterjan Verhelst from our lab wrote an article in what he considers our last wilderness: under water houses an immense diversity of wildlife.

We observer animals above land daily, but what happens under water is for the majority of the people a mystery.

In the article entitled ‘The last wilderniss’, he describes some remarkable fish species, each with their own specific adaptations to specific environments and habitats.

From the tiny nest-building sticklebacks to the immense wels catfish growing over 2 m in size.

Yet, just like the terrestrial realm, the aquatic environment is under pressure as well due to anthropogenic influences: pollution spills, habitat fragmentation and climate change are just a few aspects leading to a decline of the remarkable, yet unknown, aquatic life.

Read all about it in the special (in dutch) by purchasing it at: https://www.tijdschriftenwinkel.be/nieuwkomers/eos-wetenschap-special-natuur.html