PhD defence Thomas Kerkhove

Friday, February 7, 2020

We have the pleasure to announce Thomas Kerkhove will defend his PhD on Friday February 7th, 2020 with a dissertation on "Ecological and getic basis for sustainable fishery for the Atlantic seabob shrimp Xiphopenaeus kroyeri in the Guianan Ecoregion, South America". This research was promotod by prof. dr. Marleen De Troch (Ghent University) and co-promoted by prof. dr. Filip Volckaert (KU Leuven), prof. dr. Jan Mol (Anton de Kom University of Suriname) and dr. Annelies De Backer (Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research).

The defence will take place at 17:00 at Auditorium 1 Valère Billiet at Campus Sterre S8, Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Gent.