Rodgee Mae Guden

The PhD research of Rodgee Mae Guden aims to investigate resource partitioning between nematodes across different levels of relatedness, and to determine whether the levels of resource divergence and of relatedness affect dispersal. She will also assess the physiological response of nematodes to both inter- and intraspecific competition by comparing gene expression of species in single and multispecies experiments. Her fascination with nematodes started while working on her bachelor’s dissertation using nematodes as model organisms for ecotoxicity tests conducted in the Philippines where she obtained her BSc degree in Biology. Rodgee attained her MSc degree in Nematology at Ghent University. For her MSc thesis, she investigated niche diversification through microhabitat segregation in the bacterivore nematode complex Litoditis marina using a qPCR-based detection and relative quantification method.