Soft drink giant conquers deep-sea: human waste found at 4500 meters depth

Friday, September 30, 2016

The human impact on this environment is particularly large and goes much further than we realize.

Proof of this is the discovery of a can of Coca-Cola at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. In the vast body of water that is the Pacific - sailing about 5 days from the mainland at a depth of up to 4560 meters below the surface (!) - a team of scientists from the Ghent University - Marine Biology Research Group and Global Sea Mineral Resources (GSR ) noticed this piece of garbage. By means of an unmanned underwater robot hovering just above the seabed, and taking pictures at regular intervals, the can was detected. A can of soda takes approximately 200 years to completely degrade in the sea. Its footprint exceeds our own life by far. The impact of this type of waste on the deep-sea fauna is not fully known today.