Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

Predictions of change in marine biodiversity have raised substantial concerns over the consequences of biodiversity loss, or the appearance of invasive species on ecosystem processes functioning and services. When biodiversity loss jeopardizes the provision of ecosystem goods and services, it may ultimately affect human well-being. By performing laboratory and field experiments and observational studies, a better understanding of the marine ecosystem is aimed for, giving us the baseline and best practice to underpin sound ecosystem management. 

Several specific subjects are investigated at the Marine Biology Research Group:

  • Acclimation and adaptation
  • Carbon and nutrient cycling
  • Carbon sequestration in marine sediments
  • Dispersal ecology
  • Diversity – functioning relationships
  • Food webs
  • Patterns of diversity and community structure
  • Population dynamics
  • Resilience of populations, communities and of ecosystem functioning
  • Species interactions
  • Taxonomy