Biodiversity of marine benthic communities along ecological gradients

Completed: January 1998 - December 2005

Objectives are <ol type=1>
<li>To contribute to the inventarisation of the global biodiversity of marine benthic communities, including microbenthos, meiobenthos, macrobenthos, hyperbenthos and epibenthos.
<li>To investigate patterns in marine benthic biodiversity on different spatial scales along several ecological gradients.
<li>To investigate the relationships between biodiversity and various measures of system productivity and other environmental factors along several ecological gradients.
<li>To determine the partitioning of biodiversity between the different benthic compartments.
<li>To determine the relationship between food-web structure and biodiverisity of the benthos.
<li>To identify indicator taxa (species or species groups) to be used as target organisms (or groups of organisms) for comparision of global patterns of biodiversity.
<li>To investigate the relationship between phenotypical and genotypical of micro- and meiobenthic indicator taxa.
</li></ol type=1>

People Involved