An ecosystem approach to fisheries management: the Atlantic seabob shrimp (Xiphopenaeus kroyeri) in Suriname

Progress not set: October 2011 -

How sustainable is the MSC-certified fishery for Atlantic seabob shrimp (Xiphopenaeus kroyeri) in the coastal waters of Suriname? This research aims to quantify the ecological impact of seabob fisheries on the marine ecosystem in Suriname. In the first place, this is done by means of habitat characterisation and mapping of the distribution of benthic organisms. Subsequently, the fishing pressure and the role of seabob shrimp both as prey and as predator in the ecosystem are determined. The final goal is to provide knowledge in support of an operational seabob fishery with a minimal environmental impact, and to minimise the negative interaction between industrial and traditional fishermen.

This doctoral research contributes to a better understanding of the seabob shrimp ecology, the environment in which they live, and the impact of the seabob fisheries. Once translated into policy advice, this knowledge can be used to fine-tune the seabob fisheries management.