Friday, March 8, 2013
Program of the 11th Marine Biology Section Symposium (UndeceMBSS)
Session 1: Young, wild and enthusiastic

9.05: Lidia Lins Pereira - Understanding causes and consequences of increased levels of biodiversity.
9.25: Luana Monteiro - Using nematodes to evaluate real impacts of oil pollution on benthic communities.
9.45: Eva Werbrouck - Food from the sea: fatty acids at the basis of marine food webs
10.05: Tomas Willems - Distribution patterns of epibenthic and demersal-fish communities on the continental shelf of Suriname
10.45: Maryam Yozdani Foshtomi - Linking Microbial and Macrofaunal Diversity with Benthic Ecosystem Functioning in the Belgium Parts of the North Sea
11.05: Elisabeth Debusschere - Underwater noise emissions and fish, a destructive marriage?
11.25: Mershad Taheri - The effect of oxygen stress on marine nematode communities in different sediment types

Session 2: Old PhD students

13.30: Nele De Meester - Active dispersal to avoid competition? A lab experiment with the Litoditis marina cryptic species complex.
13.50: Delphine Coates - Macrofaunal enrichment near wind turbines on the Thorntonbank: succession or steady-state?
14.10: Jelle Vancampenhout - Adaptation and relations between intertidal and deep-sea Halomonhystera species

Session 3: Emerging issues

15.00: Sofie Derycke/Katja Guilini - MoMentuM: Morphological and Molecular diversity assessment of Meiofauna

Session 4: Wise lessons from outside the lab

15.30: Martin Solan - Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in the marine benthos.