Friday, March 6, 2015

Program of the 13th Marine Biology Section Symposium (TrideceMBSS)

Session 1: The Freshman session

9.40: Yana Deschutter - How to cope(pod) with a multistressor environment?
9.45: Pieterjan Verhelst - The importance of estuarine and coastal areas for the migration of fish and recovery of populations
9.50: Lara Macheriotou - Deep-sea nematodes:a molecular mission of discovery
9.55: Sebastiaan Mestdagh - Estuarine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning under benthic and pelagic sediment change
10.00: EE Zin - Living in multi-stressed sediments: behavioral consequences for the functioning and diversity in coastal habitats
10.05: Danae Kapasakali - Keep Calm and Click On
10.10: Tim tkint - Drupal sucks less
10.15: Liesbet Colson - The foreshore: an ecological valuable ecosystem in danger

Session 2: Young wild and enthusiastic

11.00: Lisa Mevenkamp - Under pressure: Impact of anthropogenic disturbances on meiofauna from different environments
11.20: An-Sofie D’Hondt - Nitrogen cycling in intertidal sediments: does meiofauna matter?

Session 3: Old PhD students

11.40: Joey Martinez - Assessing the impact of artisanal gold mining activity on nematode communities in Sibutad, southern Philippines
12.00: Freija Hauquier - Nematodes in the Southern Ocean: a metacommunity framework
12.20: Lies Vansteenbrugge - Situating the non-indigenous ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi within the zooplankton community and food web of the Southern North Sea

Session 3: Ver old PostDocs

14.00: Jan Reubens - Telemetry applications for fisheries science – a sea of opportunities
14.30: Ellen Pape/Ann Vanreusel - Deep-sea mining and the Belgian side of things

Session 5: Wise lessons from outside the lab

15.30: Bram Vanschoenwinkel - Exploring the twilight zone between (meta) community ecology and biogeography