Friday, February 26, 2016

Program of the 14th Marine Biology Section Symposium (QuatdeceMBSS)

Session 1: The freshman session

9.10: Xiaoyu Fang - Modelling benthos-mediated biogeochemical cycling in estuarine environments
9.15: Mohammed Alsebai - Long-term changes in benthic communities in the Belgian part of the North Sea.

Session 2: Young, wild and enthusiastic

9.20: Veronica Lo - Vegetation, sediment and nutrient properties influence erosion rates in salt marshes of the Northern Adriatic Sea
9.40: Sebastiaan Mestdagh - Linking estuarine sedimentary processes to benthic macrofaunal biodiversity and functioning
10.00: Lara Macheriotou - Deep-sea Nematodes in the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone: Preliminary Insights
11.00: Yana Deschutter - Unraveling the main drivers of zooplankton dynamics in a multistressor environment
11.20: Pieterjan Verhelst - Migration of European silver eel in an anthropogenically impacted wetland area in Belgium

Session 3: Old PhD students

11.40: Luana Monteiro - Investigating organic contaminant effects in free-living nematodes: a multifaceted approach combining single-species and community assays.
12.00: Lidia Lins - Understanding spatial turnover and connectivity in the deep sea: spatial heterogeneity and hydrodynamic effects
12.20: Eva Werbrouck - Feast and famine in harpacticoid copepods: A lipid perspective

Session 4: PostDocs

14.10: Ulrike Braeckman - Effects of altered food quality on Arctic deep-sea community carbon and nitrogen turnover
14.40: Marleen De Troch - Facing the future: vision on research opportunities in the Marine Biology research group

Session 5: Wise lessons from outside the lab

15.40: Patrick Meire - Recovery of a heavily impacted estuary: the case of the Schelde estuary