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Research projects

Title Start End
Managing Fisheries to conserve ground fish and benthic invertebrates species diversity January, 2003 June, 2006
OA-CL-016 BE-POLES: Belgische Polaire onderzoekscluster December, 2003 December, 2006
Typology, reference condition and classification of the Belgian Coastal Waters December, 2003 April, 2006
Development of an Integrated Database for the Management of Accidental Spills December, 2003 April, 2006
Belgian Polar Research Cluster December, 2003 December, 2006
Ecology of fouling-organisms: a detailed study of Mytilopsis leucophaeata (Bivalvia, Dreissenidea) October, 2003 September, 2007
Belgian Shipwreck: hotspots for Marine Biodiversity December, 2003 April, 2006
Study of Post-extraction ecological effects in the Kwintebank sand dredging area December, 2003 April, 2006
Organisation of symposium Dunes and Estuaries October, 2003 June, 2005
Study of the taxonomy, phylogeny and biodiversity of harpacticoid copepods associated with Scleractinia corals of the tropical coasts and the deep sea October, 2002 September, 2006
Spatial and Temporal Assessment of high Resolution Depth profiles Using novel Sampling Technologies July, 2002 June, 2005
Ephemeral neustonic macrofaunal communities on floating seaweeds October, 2002 September, 2006
Study on the lateral input of the Flemish part of the Scheldt estuary 2002 2003
Blootstelling van bevolkingsgroepen wonend in het hart van de Euregio aan polluerende atmosferische deeltjes: het geval van de fijne stofdeeltjes January, 2002 December, 2004
Food, oxygen and bioturbation: an experimental study of meiofauna community structure March, 2002 August, 2006
The ecology of fouling-organisms: a detailed study of Mytilopsis leucophaeata. January, 2002 September, 2003
Functional diversity and process rate: role of nematodes in organic matter decomposition in a brackish water habitat. January, 2002 October, 2004
Trophic role and ecological fate of the microbial production and leafs in mangroves January, 2002 December, 2005
Analysis macrobenthic June, 2002 December, 2002
Creating a long term infrastructure for marine biodiversity research in the European Economic Area and the Newly Associated States December, 2002 November, 2005
Balancing impacts of human activities in the Belgian part of the North Sea February, 2002 April, 2006
Management research and budgeting of aggregates in shelf seas related to end-users February, 2002 April, 2006
Effects of dredgings and harbour expansion on the environment 2002 2006
The development of early diagenetic models January, 2002
The temporal variation in the meiobenthos along a bathymetrical gradient (‘Hausgarten’, Arctica): impact of climate oscillations October, 2002 October, 2006
The modelling of bioturbation January, 2002
Hormone disruption in the Schelde estuary: distribution, exposure, effects February, 2002 April, 2006
Ecological monitoring coastal defense project Oostende (T0-situation) December, 2002 March, 2003
Advanced modelling and research on eutrophication: linking eutrophication and biological resources February, 2002 April, 2006
Biological evaluation of eleven sandy beaches along the Flemish Coast October, 2002 September, 2004
COastal SAnds as Biocatalytical Filters November, 2002 October, 2005
Higher trophic levels in the Southern North Sea February, 2002 April, 2006
Biodiversity of 3 representative groups of the Antarctic Zoobenthos February, 2002 April, 2006
Biodiversity and the role of interstitial benthos of two European sandy beaches January, 2002 December, 2005
Structure, function and trophic significance of populations of free-living nematodes in estuarine food webs October, 2002 September, 2008
Endocrine disruption in the Scheldt Estuary: distribution, exposure and effects February, 2002 April, 2006
North Sea Benthos Project 2001
Effect van biogeografische isolatie op mariene biodiversiteit: harpacticoide copepoden in tropische zeegrasvelden als modelstudie October, 2001 September, 2004
A study of the free-living, marine nematodes from tropical and cold water coral structures October, 2001 September, 2003
Aanmaak van een taxonomische databank van de meiofauna van de Noordzee 2001 2002
Coördinatiepunt voor geïntegreerd kustzonebeheer - fase 1 September, 2001 August, 2004
ELectronic conference on MARine Biodiversity in Europe August, 2001 December, 2001
Long term trends in the macrobenthos of the Belgian Continental Shelf December, 2001 November, 2003
Habitat-model extension. July, 2001 January, 2002
Early warning system for mussels-fouling August, 2001 July, 2003
Seasonal variation of macro algae, macrobenthos and avifauna associated with intertidal hard substrates along the Flemish Coast. August, 2001 January, 2003
Spatio-temporal variability and population dynamics of the Abra alba - Mysella bidentata community on the Belgian Continental Shelf. October, 2001 September, 2005
Monitoring Natuurherstel Ijzermonding. Monitoring van herstel van vegetatie, flora, invertebraten- en avifauna van de slikken, schorren en duinen langs de Ijzermonding, na ontmanteling van de oude Marinebasis te Lombardsijde July, 2001 June, 2004
Studie van de vrijlevende, mariene nematoden van tropische en koudwater koraalstructuren. September, 2001 October, 2005
Interactie tussen biodiversiteit van het meiobenthos (in casu Nematoda) en toerisme op drie Europese zandstranden October, 2000 2004