Friday, February 26, 2010

Program of the 8th Marine Biology Section Symposium (OcteMBSS)

Session 1 : young, wild and enthusiastic: - 9.05 - 10.05

9.05-9.20 : Jan Reubens - The importance of artificial hard substrates for the ecology of the ichthyofauna: first results and future perspectives
9.20-9.35 : Annelies De Groote - Connection between cold seep nematode communities: past research and future plans
9.35-9.50 : Delphine Coates - Future plans to monitor the impact of offshore wind farms on the soft-sediment macrobenthos
9.50-10.05 : Sarah vanden Eede - Ecological monitoring of the beach nourishment project Lombardsijde

Session 2: Old PhD students

10.30-10.50 :  Joke Van Tomme - Does competition play a role in defining the zonation pattern on sandy beaches?
10.50-11.10 : Ulrike Braeckman - Macrobenthos affecting nematode vertical distribution: community response
11.10-11.30 : Katja Guilini - Feeding and colonization behavior of deep-sea nematodes: experimental evidence.
11.30-11.50 : Julie Reveillaud - Phylogenetic analyses of deep-water sponges associated with coral reefs in Europe provide new insights for their protection
11.50-12.10 : Bea Merckx - Habitat suitability modelling of nematode species. Fact or fiction?
13.30-14.00 : Carl Van Colen - Engineering macrobenthos, disturbance and recovery dynamics: designing experiments to identify thresholds and understanding resilience
14.00-14.30 : Tom Moens and Marleen De Troch - Do meiofauna matter? Views and ideas from past to (near) future
14.30-15.00 : Sofie Derycke - Barcoding marine nematodes: present status and future perspectives

Session 3: Lession from outside the lab

15.30-16.30 : Dave Paterson - invited speaker (Dave Patterson)