We advise and offer the design and implementation of field sampling campaigns and both field and laboratory experiments, as well as on the maintenance and/or culture of selected marine benthic invertebrate model organisms. Our laboratory is well equipped for sample treatment, data processing, and a wide variety of chemical and biological analyses. Being a research laboratory, we discuss, develop and conceive a project together with our customers in order to provide the best solutions for environmental and biological studies. Under the auspices of the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) framework, some of our infrastructures and services will be incorporated in this pan-European research infrastructure context to increase the available for third parties. Awaiting the final release of the EMBRC access platform, we invite you to explore one of our high-level services in support of basic and applied marine biological research in Europe.

Marine Training Platform

The Marine Training Platform is an initiative of UGhent to provide, facilitate and centralize access to Marine and Maritime human capacity building opportunities in Europe. In view of the need to bride the existing skills gap between academia and industry, UGhent has initiated this supporting framework to foster new courses and programme initiatives and to enhance exchange of best practices including a set of tools for the hosting and advertisement of Blue Career-focused trainings. More than 900 Marine and Maritime training initiatives from 40 countries are already covered in the database. By offering trainees access to a wide repository of training opportunities, MSc & PhD programmes, workshops and courses, and by assisting trainers and stakeholders, the Marine Training Platform will become the “European Blue Training one-stop-shop