Friday, February 21, 2014

Program of the 12th Marine Biology Section Symposium (DuodeceMBSS)

Session 1: Young, wild and enthusiastic

9.05: Anna-Maria Vafeiadou - How do marine nematodes cope with extreme temperatures and fluctuations?
9.30: Christoph Mensens -Stressor-induced biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in a trophic context
9.55: Renata Mamede da Silva Alves - Spatial ecology and population dynamics of Lanice conchilega reefs.

Session 2: Old PhD students

10.45: Narjes Sahraean - Spatial and temporal heterogeneity of beach nematode assemblages in the Persian Gulf
11.10: Xiuqin Wu - Drivers of spatial heterogeneity in nematode community structure and functioning in an intertidal system
11.35: Thibaud Mascart - Corsican seagrass detritus: An opportune shelter or a copepod Eldorado?
12.00: Bart De Smet - New insights in the structuring role of Lanice conchilega reefs in intertidal food-webs: a focus on epi- and hyperbenthos

Session 3: PostDocs in projects

13.45: Katja Guilini - Ocean Acidification: a Meiofaunal Perspective and Coping with
14.15: Carl Van Colen - Living in multi-stressed sediments: stability consequences for the diversity and functioning in coastal habitats

Session 4: Wise lessons from outside the lab

15.15: Henning Reiss - How to manage ecosystems: the applied aspects of benthos ecology