Eel tagging into the night

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

In the third week of November, the MarBiol (dr. Pieterjan Verhelst) and DTU-Aqua (dr. Martin Lykke Kristensen, Denmark) tagged European eels to get more insight into their enigmatic marine migration behaviour. Most of the studies on this migratory fish species are conducted in freshwater, so much knowledge is still lacking on the largest part of their spawning migration: the seas! During this week, we managed to tag 70 eels during cold and rainy weather. The tags pop-off after 6 months and drift ashore, where they can be found by beachcombers. Keep your eyes open if you encounter a tag somewhere along a coast so you can claim your €50 reward and contribute to science (contact on the tag)!

After the tagging work at Køge, we went to DTU Aqua in Silkeborg to upload the necessary metadata in the newly developed ETN database (, hosted by the Flanders Marine Institute. This not only helps keeping track of our (meta)data, but is also the starting point of our actual data-analysis. More news to be continued when we are retrieving and publishing the findings.