Monsoon School @ Unguja Island Zanzibar

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

From the 12th  to the 23rd  of February 2019 the second year master students of the interuniversity international programme Oceans and lakes (  were at Unguja Island Zanzibar where a team of lecturers from Ghent University, Antwerp University and the University of Brussels organized the so-called ‘Monsoon School’.  It is a 6 ECTS course for the second year students organized in a location in the South in collaboration with local experts. On this occasion our colleagues from Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and even Ecuador joined us to share their knowledge on different marine topics and guide our students through their assignments.  By analysing a specific local environmental problem from different stakeholder perspectives, the students had to provide recommendations for short and long term management similar to a consultancy assignment. The topics were on  Mariculture (Is sustainable mariculture economically viable in Zanzibar?, Dolphin watching (Are dolphin watching tourist activities beneficial to the local communities of Zanzibar?),  Coastal waste (Is coastal waste around Zanzibar a threat to human health or tourisme?),  Artisanal fisheries (What is impact of  artisanal fisheries on a long term in Zanzibar?), Scuba tourism  (Is scuba diving tourism beneficial to the protection of marine biodiversity of Zanzibar?)  and Mangrove conservation and restoration (Are mangroves safeguarded from human impact in Zanzibar?)