PhD Defence Ee Zin Ong

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday 26 September 2018, PhD researcher Ee Zin Ong will be defending his PhD dissertation on "Behavioural and ecophysiological responses of marine benthos to ocean acidification and warming". This was a joint research project between Ghent University and the University of Plymouth, in the framework of the MARES Joint Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health & Conservation. This PhD was carried out under the supervision of dr. Carl Van Colen (UGent) and is promoted by prof. dr. Tom Moens (UGent) and co-promoted by prof. dr. Mark Briffa (University of Plymouth). Below you can find a short abstract of the research. The defence starts at 16:00 and takes place at Auditorium Valère Billiet, S8, Campus Sterre.

The atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations (CO2) are projected to rise from 400 ppm to 1000 pm by the end of 21st century, due to burning of fossil fuels, cement production and deforestation. The increase in atmospheric CO2 has been absorbed by the ocean resulting in a process called ocean acidification. Concurrently, the increase of atmospheric CO2 also intensify the greenhouse effect, resulting in an increase of ocean surface temperature. The progressive modification of ocean environment (e.g. ocean acidification and warming) is expected to affect marine ecosystems, e.g. via changes in species behaviour, physiology and survival that will determine population, interaction within the community, with implications for biodiversity-mediated ecosystem functioning. Therefore, studying the combined effects of both drivers is fundamental for our understanding of future ocean environments. The PhD thesis reveals the impacts of both acidification and warming on behavioural, conditional, and physiological responses of estuarine intertidal key species (e.g. Cerastoderma edule and Scrobicularia plana) and community.