Annick Van Kenhove

Annick Van Kenhove has a bachelor degree in chemistry, environmental sanitation. She is working at the Marine Biology Department since 1992 and was involved in processing epibentic, hyperbentic and meiofauna samples as well as assisting at sampling campaigns. Currently, her tasks are partly scientific (processing meiofauna samples) and partly administrative (purchases of the department and assisting the secretariat where needed) . She is a member of : - Faculty Council of Welfare and Environment - Department Board - Sustainability Committee - First Intervention Tem.


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Vanhove, S.; Wittoeck, J.; Beghyn, M.; Van Gansbeke, D.; Van Kenhove, A.; Coomans, A.; Vincx, M. (1997). Role of the meiobenthos in Antarctic ecosystems, in: Caschetto, S. (Ed.) (1997). Belgian research programme on the Antarctic: scientific results of phase III (1992-1996): 1. Marine biochemistry and ecodynamics. pp. A3/02/001/1-59