Research projects

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Structure and functioning of macrobenthic communities in permeable subtidal sediments
Understanding and predicting spatio-temporal, structural and functional biodiversity dynamics of zooplankton in Belgian coastal waters under climate, nutrient and pollutant stress
Structure of the meiofauna from OMEX-samples
Sub-seabed CO2 Storage: Impact on Marine Ecosystems
Monitoring Hard substrates (windmills)
Studie macrobenthos van de Belgische Kustzone i.f.v. kustverdedigingswerken Den Haan December, 1996
Influence of benthic biodiversity on carbon and nitrogen cycling
Systematics and biogeography of <i>Siphonocladales-Cladophorales</i> (Chlorophyta, Algae) in the Indian Ocean
Nekton of mature and developing marshes in the Westerschelde (Belgium)
Spatial and temporal migrations of Atlantic cod (<i>Gadus morhua</i>) in the Belgian part of the North Sea and the Western Scheldt
Epibenthos and nekton of tropical shallow coastal habitats
Sustainable management of the marine environment: what measures can legally be taken?
Taxonomy of free-living marine nematods (Invertebrata)
Taxonomy of Mysidacea (Crustacea), taxonomical databases
Community structure of demersal fish species and larger epibenthic crustaceans in the Gulf of Guayaquil, Ecuador
The effect of ocean acidification on the benthic ecosystem
The effect of ocean acidification on the functioning of coastal marine benthos
The effect of ocean acidification on the functioning of coastal marine benthos
Setup of a Belgian fish telemetry network and the ecology of benthopelagic fish at offshore wind farms
UGent Marine Sciences Center of Excellence
Spatial and seasonal variation in the structure of nematode communities in the deep sea
Meiobenthos of intertidal and subtidal areas along the Belgian coast and the Westerschelde estuary
COastal SAnds as Biocatalytical Filters
Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET
Koolstof en stikstof cycli in de Westerschelde : het ontwikkelen van een geïntegreerde visie en de identificatie van de belangrijkste organismen in die cycli
Marine Incidents Management cluster - MIMAc
Zoetwaterschorren als "sinks" voor stikstof: dynamiek van het benthische compartiment en het onderzoek naar hun rol in estuariene stikstofretentie
Onderzoek naar de gevolgen van het Sigmaplan, baggeractiviteiten en havenuitbreiding in de Zeeschelde op het milieu
Combined effects of multiple organic stressors from jellyfish blooms and aquaculture operations on seafloor ecosystems
Optimaliseren data beheer en opslag en verzorgen educatie databeheer voor wetenschappers van het NIOO
Kelp export: fuel for adjacent communities in changing arctic ecosystems?
Organisation of symposium Dunes and Estuaries
Ocean Acidification: a Meiofaunal Perspective and Coping with
Pan-European infrastructure for Ocean & Marine Data Management
Compendium voor Kust en Zee 2013
Planet Ocean
Compendium voor Kust en Zee 2015
Polluting atmospheric particles along the French-Flemish North Sea coast: border transports and impact on the environment. Transborder cooperation and sensitization
Update background information "Coast and Sea" MIRA-T 2006
Research on the environmental effects of the SIGMA plan: Effects of dredgings and harbour expansion on the environment
Impact of piling noise on Atlantic cod during windfarm construction
Scientific and institutional capacity building for implementing European marine policy in the Black Sea Region
Investigating the ecological effects of ocean acidification in shallow water volcanic CO2 vents of the Azores
Spatial and Temporal Assessment of high Resolution Depth profiles Using novel Sampling Technologies
Spatial and Temporal assessment of high Resolution Depth profiles Using novel Sampling Technologies - phase II
A century of sea fisheries in Belgium
Streamlining activity of the Coastal Wiki
A pre-standardisation development for marine data interoperability using XML
Strengthening the oceanographic data management and operational forecast services at IBSS and MHI, Ukraine
Archiving data on recreational fishing along the Belgian coast