Research projects

Title Start End
Functional and structural aspects of biodiversity in an estuarine detrital food web, with emphasis on free-living nematodes and their interactions with bacteria October, 1999 September, 2002
Diversiteit en processnelheid in een detritusvoedselweb : relaties tussen nematoden en heterotrofe bacteriën bij de decompositie van organisch materiaal 1999 2003
Structural biodiversity along Ecuadorian sandy beaches January, 1999 January, 2002
Intensive evaluation of the evolution of a protected benthic habitat September, 1999 December, 2001
Biodiversity of marine benthic communities along ecological gradients January, 1998 December, 2005
Ecologie van copepoden: structurele en functionele biodiversiteit in tropische zeegrasvelden. II October, 1998 September, 2000
Structural and functional biodiversity of copepod communities on the Belgian Continental Shelf (North Sea) October, 1998 November, 2002
Structural and functional biodiversity of North Sea ecosystems: species and their habitats as indicator for the sustainable management of the BCS January, 1997 December, 2001
Het benthos in Antarctica: structurele en functionele biodiversiteit January, 1997 December, 2000
Causal factors of biodiversity: community structure, phylogeny and biogeography. A comparative study of the fauna of tropical and subtropical estuaries and lagoons. Study 1996 January, 1996 December, 2000
Ecologie van copepoden: structurele en functionele biodiversiteit in tropische zeegrasvelden. I October, 1996 September, 1998
Mariene biologie en Nematologie- Onderricht over biodiversiteit van soorten en hun habitats 1996 1999
Mariene biologie en nematologie-onderricht over biodiversiteit van soorten en hun habitats January, 1996 December, 1998
De rol van mariene ecologie in het uitbouwen van strategische milieu-effectenrapportage ter ondersteuning van duurzaam kustbeheer. Een case studie in Saldanha Bay, Zuid-Afrika October, 1996 October, 2000
Causal factors of biodiversity : community structure, phylogeny and biogeography. A comparative study of the fauna of tropical and subtropical estuaries and lagoons January, 1996 December, 2000
The eco-metabolism of estuarine intertidal flat May, 1996 April, 1999
Meiobenthic biodiversity and fluxes within the Antarctic biogeochemical environment December, 1996 November, 2000
High resolution temporal and spatial study of the benthic biology and geochemistry of a North-Eastern Atlantic abyssal locality February, 1996 January, 1999
Research on the environmental effects of the SIGMA plan 1995 1998
Ecology of macrozoöbenthos at the Zeeschelde 1995 1998
European Network for marine integrated system analysis January, 1995 December, 1999
Ecology of vegetation on alluvial plains and salt marches 1995 1998
Voedingsecologie van mariene nematoden. II October, 1995 September, 1997
Marine Biology January, 1995 December, 1995
Onderzoek naar de seizoenale variatie en populatiedynamica van het macrobenthos voor de Westkust in functie van de ecologische bijsturing van een kustverdedigingsproject April, 1995 January, 1996
Hyperbenthic communities of beaches: structure and interaction with demersal fish and epibenthic macro-Crustacea 1995 1999
European Marine and Polar Science November, 1994 December, 2001
Risk analysis of coastal nourishment techniques June, 1994 November, 1996
De hyperbenthische gemeenschappen van de Noordzee 1994 1998
Het macrozoöbenthos van zandbanken voor de Belgische kust, met nadruk op de trofische relatie met overwinterde zeevogels 1994 1998
Onderzoek naar ruimtelijke variatie van het macrobenthos voor de Westkust i.f.v. de ecologische bijsturing van een kustverdedigingsproject July, 1994 March, 1995
Feeding ecology and population dynamical aspects of the brackish water mysid Neomysis integer in relation to the maximum turbidity zone of estuaries 1993 1997
Feeding ecology of marine nematodes October, 1993 September, 1995
Community structure and processes in the deep-sea benthos January, 1993 December, 1995
Structure and function of the benthos in estuarine and coastal ecosystems in relation to current and future anthropogenic influences October, 1992 March, 1997
Biogeochemistry of the maximum turbidity zone in estuaries December, 1992 March, 1995
Role of the meiobenthos in Antarctic ecosystems September, 1992 September, 1996
Oceanography: Role of the benthos in marine ecosystems and effects of environmental pollution. I June, 1992 May, 1999
Characterization of the microbiological environment in hatcheries for Mediterranean marine fish: influence on larval health and development of prophylaxis February, 1991 February, 1993
Natural variability and the prediction of change in marine benthic ecosystems August, 1990 November, 1992
Major biological processes in European tidal estuaries November, 1990 September, 1993
Voordelta*4: hyperbenthosonderzoek Voordelta March, 1988 1990
Sustainable management of the marine environment: what measures can legally be taken?
Effects of Belgian Offshore wind farms on the soft-sediment macrobenthic communities
Taxonomy of free-living marine nematods (Invertebrata)
UGent Aquaculture R&D Consortium
Taxonomy of Mysidacea (Crustacea), taxonomical databases
Understanding and predicting spatio-temporal, structural and functional biodiversity dynamics of zooplankton in Belgian coastal waters under climate, nutrient and pollutant stress
Understanding the mechanisms of recovery and resilience in marine soft-bottom assemblages
The effect of ocean acidification on the benthic ecosystem